Sunday, January 19, 2014

Movie Review: Hobbit 2

About ten years ago a friend mentioned seeing a new movie about a fantasy science fiction genre that was taking the world by storm.  At the time, I had seen enough of Harry Potter and thought it was all a fad.  When things started to get stressful at work and in life, I found myself having some down time and watched Fellowship of the Ring.  In all truth, everything flowed from there.  I fell in love with the series then and truly believed that Peter Jackson can do no wrong.

In this second Hobbit movie, the story picks up where the last movie left off and I honestly have little recollection of what happened last year and was never all that committed this year.  The story never pulled me in and I found the characters uninteresting.  What made the Lord of the Rings so amazing, I thought, was the source material was so expansive and so involving, I just felt like there was so much information, I could never get enough.  With the Hobbit, I feel like the source material is not as expansive and Jackson has manufactured things that don’t exist.

The first time I read the Hobbit, it wasn’t all that compelling.  When I read Lord of the Rings and the Silmarrilion, both were just so involving and enjoyable.  The Hobbit never drew me in and this movie has done little to keep me engaged.  I can’t fault Peter Jackson for changing things or adding characters, but none of that distracted me from the point that The Hobbit was Tolkien’s children’s book of the series.  It is exactly what you would expect it to be and it isn’t for everyone and not really for me.  I’ll be glad when this series is over next year.