Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What does Ramadan Mean to You?

I realise this is a moot point for 99.9% of you reading this, but as another Ramadan comes to a close, I find myself being reflective over the course of the past month.  Did I accomplish what I set out to do?  I don’t think so.  But what were my intentions?  I did fast for more days than I ever have before, but as I write this, I am missing Eid prayers, mostly because I have a lot going on at work and didn’t want to miss a day when I’m still new and don’t have a ton of leave.  But last year, I took the day off and it felt anticlimactic, I had almost wished I had gone to work, but in that sense, it was because I knew I was leaving that place in a few months.

When the month started, as always, I wanted to be more calm and less angry.  I think I was able to accomplish this, and considering how little food I was consuming, it is a lot harder than you might think to stay even keel when you’re hungry and thirsty and can’t have anything to quench that need for 14 hours.  I had hoped to complete the complaint free challenge again, but I was unable to do this.

I won’t give myself a pass for not doing the complaint free challenge, but I will say that as a manager, it is difficult, when providing monthly evaluations to employees, and reprimanding one of my employees on a regular basis, not to complain.  I also had a break-through with one, getting that employee to realise that doing your job is an all or nothing affair when it comes to the job description.  The referenced employee hasn’t been doing a ton of work and voluntarily took a demotion.  I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about it.  I would have liked to let it go, but I wasn’t able to.

In addition to that I tried very hard to let go of other issues that have been plaguing me.  Thoughts about people in my life that have disappointed me, and while I had one cousin tell me you can’t have any expectations of people, I think that is impossible.  Though it was ironic that the cousin in question made this remark, as she is one I am rather disappointed in and has shown little regard for anyone other than her husband.  I have found myself trying very hard to let go and forgive a few others who I feel have been overly selfish, and I find myself struggling with this greatly.

I consider myself fairly selfless.  While I will be the first to admit I am a consumer, I don’t deny someone else something if it is within my means to provide it.  Having said that, there are some in my family who openly take advantage of that and of others and I am challenged by not being bothered by this.  I don’t think I will ever change their attitude, so I can only change my own.  We all must take everyone at face value and that is all you can hope for. 

Overall, I feel better after this Ramadan is over, but I also feel sad.  I have miraculous luck and I feel like I shine brighter during this time than any other time of the year.  I know this is mostly ‘in my head’ and if I want to be better all year round, I can, it is just a matter of setting the tone.  All we can do is aspire to be better, because the alternative is something I will not allow myself to venture into.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Napping Syndrome

Do you find yourself losing interest in things going on, say at work or even while watching the beloved TV?  Do you sit in meetings and find that when others starting droning on, that your mind begins to wander?  Have you sat down to watch one programme, and realise a different programme is on?  Have you not noticed when the weather suddenly changes or it goes from light to dark?  You may be like me, suffering from a very real napping syndrome.

Yes, perhaps I should not have a box perfectly placed under my desk, or have so many wonderful stuffed friends near where I watch TV, but I often find myself missing time or watching something I didn’t start out watching.  Even today I’ve watched a few episodes of News Channel 8 and am sure I have missed parts due to chronic napping.

If you suffer from these ailments, consult a professional immediately!  Napping syndrome can attack at any moment, and while the rest is nice, it can lead to hours of lost time.  Don’t be a victim of adorable plushies, act now, stop Napping syndrome before it gets you!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Better Late than Never

My sister pointed out that I hadn’t updated this blog in some time, which I haven’t, but not for lack of information, more for lack of time.  I’ve also been gaming my brains out, so that’s been enjoyably distracting.  I can’t believe it is already August.  I did see Cowboys and Aliens, but it was pretty terrible, so I’m not sure a review is required here, but if anyone wants to see one, I did post one for another site I blog on.

Ramadan started this month, and I have not had to take a break yet, though the unofficial rankings in the house have me tied for first with Mom and Dad, which I was hoping to have knocked one of them out by now, so I’m getting worried about my chances of winning the overall fasting contest.

Work has really been kicking my butt.  The employee issues I have had are still going on, but are slowly abating.  To talk about this online would be foolish, but needless to say, as a manager, I have been thoroughly tested with a myriad of situations and would like to say that despite obsessing, I’ve handled it all quite well.

I’m conflicted about the NFL lockout ending.  I know most people that read this blog aren’t die-hard sports-fans, so there isn’t much point to saying more, and what is there really to say?  I don’t know that I have the gumption to cancel my NFL ticket, but I still have time.  I am looking forward to the hockey season, will be glad to have something to see and a team to root for.

I’m trying to think what else has happened and for the most part, my focus of late has been work and fasting, with video games mixed in to keep it level.  I am glad that Ramadan is once again having that ‘untouchable’ feel to it.  It may sound silly, but in some senses, I feel like this is the time when I am closest to God and am open to hear what is being said.  I am not totally insane, but practicing something as strict as a fast isn’t for the faint of heart and it says something about conviction and belief.

I promise, the next update will be directed, as most previous entries were.