Friday, October 21, 2011

What Happens in the Little Charmander’s Room Should Stay in the Little Charmander’s Room

For those of you that don’t know, I don’t like to use normal words, so let this be the first in what should be a series of entries about the sub-language of created, which requires a Lexicon to understand.  ‘Little Charmander’s Room’ refers to the bathroom.  I don’t think this one needs more explanation, but if you require one, and can get the comments to work, have at it!

So, what is proper restroom etiquette?  I went into the bathroom, to use it obviously, and someone was crying in the stall.  There are only two stalls in the bathroom.  I just beat feet as soon as I could, and commented to my male co-worker that he’s probably never dealt with such a thing, which of course, he hadn’t.  I realise where else would you go, besides your car, to cry in quiet, but if someone does go there, it isn’t to be comforted by some stranger, right?

I have no idea.  But I thought I’d include, for my sister to send to her Met Life rep, the pics of my office from a couple years back with all those Snoopys in it.  Enjoy!

Also – here’s a link to my Video Game Blog – which I update almost daily.


  1. I always figure if someone wants me to know their problems, they'll tell me about them. I'd probably have done the same. And think about Shirley Henderson's character in Bridget Jones.

    That's a whole lot of Snoopy!

    I'll have to watch your gaming blog. I see you gave Red Dead Redemption a 10. I'm definitely adding the Game of the Year edition to my list then.

  2. *phew* :)

    isn't it the best - maybe that's why I miss that job, more Snoopys on my desk ;)

    I adore my video game blog - much easier to garner an audience over there ;)