Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Jeer – Most Obnoxious Christmas Commercial 2011

I could be festive and talk about how fantastic and whimsical Christmas is, and this may somehow fly in the face of my ‘feel-good’ blog earlier this year, but there is one thing I will be relieved not to have to deal with after tomorrow, other than the over-commercialisation of our lives, those blasted Lexus commercials.  According to BusinessWeek, Lexus does great business in December, but for those of us not making seven figure salaries, I find their ads obnoxious, insensitive and misrepresentative of the current economic state.

I know this blog sounds like a rant, and guess what, it is.  I have now decided, and you are all my witness, never will I ever buy nor gift anything related to the Lexus brand.  Though I’ve been told to send my ire towards Lowe’s and rightfully so, as they’re racist and loving it, but Lexus marketing will enjoy a trip through a few circles of Hell for their over-the-top, look what I could buy if I had ‘disposable’ income.

I mean come on, who was watched one of those commercials, my least liked is the ‘young’ couple where the wife is giving the husband a $50,000+ car for Christmas.  For Christmas??  I feel like this is Jim Mora ranting about playoffs.  A car, a car?  What economy are they dealing with?  I think most families are trying to buy TV’s or computers, at most, but an entire car, and a luxury one no-less.  That commercial makes me want to hate luxury brands.  Other than Acura, I see no other car company with such annoying advertising.

To side-not, Acura, how childish is your marketing department?  The snowball fight and races in the Acuras are just stupid.  If either of those things really happened, you know there’d be a cop 10 feet away from those two idiots handing out tickets for disturbing the peace and endangering lives of people who can’t afford uber-expensive Acuras

But this rant is for Lexus.

Dear Lexus,

Your car commercials make me want to dry heave into your oh-so-nicely upholstered cars.  Your car commercials are insufferable.  Your cars aren’t worth my attention.  Please stop running your obnoxious ads during my football games.  Most people who watch football games can’t afford a quarter of your so-called luxury cars.  You are a bunch of insensitive, heartless yuppies and I hope to see Lexus learn from this when the economy does turn around.  You might think your advertising is clever, but 90% of the market cannot afford your cars now, or ever in the future.  And I for one will never buy your holier-than-thou vehicles for as long as I live.  Congratulations, you’ve made yourself a lifetime non-customer, and you’re doing it one commercial at a time.


One of many who will never buy your cars

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