Sunday, July 20, 2014

Movie Review: Purge: Anarchy

The Purge came out last year, a new idea on the future in horror movie form.  The first movie centered around a family who sold security systems in America for the one day a year when all crimes were legal, including murder.  The idea was a population control mechanism, though it didn’t seem to always work out that way, being a way for people to kill others.  The movie alluded to crime dropping significantly because of this one day, letting people act out their aggregations in a ‘healthy’ way.

The only flaw of the first movie is that it followed one family and the revenge the neighbors wished to enact upon them.  In this sequel, the original is a distant memory and now the world is acclimated to this activity and the viewer follows the lives of several different groups who are being pursued for being out and not at home during the annual night of the purge.

The different groups that are followed were rather stereotypical, yet they still added a little variety through the narrative allowing them to buck the norms that would be expected for each character.  The person who you might think would be the first to die, isn’t who you expect and it flies in the face of a lot of what we expect.

What this sequel did that built off of the original is it gave context to the first movie, to what society would be like if this were a reality.  If the world turned to this, there would be order in the chaos, but there would be those who would realize that this is a way for the government to control the lower classes, as they were the ones who were purged more than the wealthy.  The story took some eventful turns which kept me engaged and interested throughout.  This is a nice entry to the horror movies that have come out in 2014.

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