Monday, August 25, 2014

Movie Review: Sin City 2

About twenty years ago a movie came out that was mostly all black and white with touches of colour.  A little over ten years later, another move tried the same thing.  The idea of showing a black and white movie in an era where loud, vibrant colours rule the day, it is a breath of fresh air.  The first movie I’m referencing is Schindler’s List, a movie not to be watched without a box of tissues close at hand.  The second movie I’m referencing is Sin City, the sequel of which I watched this weekend.  What made any of these movies that much more stark was the contrast of colour against the nothingness of black and white.  It might seem disrespectful to bring Sin City into the same sentence with Schindler’s List, but from a purely cinematic perspective, the two seem to share a link.  Needless to say, the sequel to the 2005 hit, Sin City: A Dame to Kill for, has no connexion to either of the aforementioned movies save the presentation.

The movie begins with Marv, a somewhat deformed man who’s sole purpose on this earth is to beat things up, out of sorts and uncertain how he got where he got.  Behind him is a torn up patrol car and blood.  This doesn’t seem to trouble him in the least and the lack of colour makes it seem normal.  The movie doesn’t get any more interesting or compelling from this opening salvo and what follows are a series of disjointed yet connected stories leading to the murder of the main villains of the movie.  The first is Eva, the dame that is worth killing for from the title, played by a not dressed enough Eva Green.  Incidentally, after seeing Penny Dreadful earlier this year, I think someone should buy the woman some clothes!  The other villain is the father of the main villain from the first movie, a senator who is above the law.

The story turns into an orgy of blood and violence with far too many women wearing next to nothing.  The garishness from the first movie is lost to an abundance of nothing.  It was as if the movie was void of anything of value, the actors moving, the story progressing and yet nothing of consequence seemed to occur.  I felt increasingly bored and uninterested as the movie progressed.  There was little that surprised me and less to keep me engaged.  I can’t recommend this movie and wish it had some staying power, as the first movie had.

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