Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Domestic Abuse?

I know what you’re thinking, come on, Hina, seriously, two serious posts from you after countless movie reviews no one ever reads.  Well, things angry up the blood, and the more I try not to watch or read, the angrier I get.  The NFL had a laughable press conference with Godfather Goodell, who really should have “good” removed from his name.  I can’t say there’s much good he’s done in the NFL of late.  I did enjoy the snippets I heard from the Ravens camp yesterday, defending their position and their player, trying to minimise the fact that they basically told Rice to go along with what they said and he’d be taken care of.  Is there nothing the NFL thinks it can’t get away with?  On the one hand, while it is good to see Congress getting involved, a friend (LaToya) shared this article with me about a US District Judge who is getting exonerated from beating his wife.

Yes, you read that right.  Mr. Mark Fuller, someone the Congress can control, unlike the NFL, which isn’t beholden to the US Congress, as far as I know, was giving a sweet deal, as good as Mr. Rice’s, and he has to attend some counseling and can return to work.  Now, at least Ray Rice and Greg Hardy  (the man convicted of assaulting his girlfriend) aren’t getting paid, but rest assure, Judge Fuller is on administrative leave, enjoying the lap of luxury, looking forward to the time he can get back behind the bench and…what, pass judgment on others after he has been found guilty of abusing his wife?  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the laughable justice system here in these United States of America.

If that weren’t bad enough, and to cushion the idea that I just hate men who beat women, not that I needed a reason to dislike this breed of subhuman, but we have Ms. Hope Solo who is also returning to work, again being paid by taxpayers, with her role with the US Women’s soccer team.  Did I get up on the wrong side of the bed?  I guess the takeaway I have for Ms. Solo is she hasn’t been convicted.

I just look at this litany of issues and think, if this had been you or me, the average citizen, we would be either behind bars, out of a job and uncertain where we’re getting our next paycheck.  Does a celebrity status give people the right to get away with…well, not quite murder, but it isn’t all that far off.  One hard hit and either Mrs. Rice or Mrs. Fuller could be dead.  I’d argue a pretty healthy soccer player could do some damage, man or woman.  Is there more for me to boycott?  What can we do about a judge that gets to go back to work?  Is Congress only interested in the NFL because it is big news?  Is Mr. Fuller being given a free pass because he’s in the Old Boys’ Network?

I find myself flummoxed by this and further frustrated that the internet, usually the safe haven for justice to be served, like Anonymous, but here, none of the above are getting their just desserts.  Instead we hear about Ms. Emma Watson being threatened by hackers for speaking out on equal rights.  What sense does this make, if any at all.  I struggle with all of this, the obvious injustice that isn’t being served, the justice that shouldn’t be served.  Is there an off switch to any of this?  Do I just write heated blogs and let it not bother me?  I’m honestly asking because I feel frustrated.  I haven’t watched any NFL really, besides being in a venue that I was pointed directly at it, but at least the racist Redskins lost, so that made me feel better.  I guess it is a good thing I run, I can work out my aggravation with life there.  Always open to constructive ideas that don’t involve slashing people’s tyres and rearranging files just to mess with people.

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