Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Movie Review: The Lazarus Effect

I can’t believe it has been two months since I’ve seen a movie.  I often go into horror movies with unrealistic expectations that there will be a cohesive story from beginning to end and I often wonder if the audience could ever hear the original pitch we would be able to make sense of what the movie was trying to get across.  This movie is based around defying death, as many horror movies venture.  The scientists in question are trying to find a way to lengthen the time emergency medical technicians can work on a patient before they flat-line, or so the story goes.  The idea stays the course until an outside group decides to steal the research and of course, the scientists decide to do something brash.

This movie had pretty much every horror movie trope you can imagine.  I try to avoid SPOILERS, but the basics are all covered.  Bad things happen, the black guys dies first, there are fake deaths and fake-outs of every sort.  The movie is composed mostly of jump scares and tired gory sequences and I still found myself looking away to avoid seeing the inevitable.

Given the lack of horror movies to choose from, this movie is one you may not want to miss, but Olivia Wilde was barely passable in this weak storied movie.  I can’t say it was a bad movie, but it wasn’t a good movie either.  The ending was just as weak as the story was and it makes you feel unsatisfied as you get to the credits.  I long for some good horror movies and the trailers didn’t hold much promise either.

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