Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ramble Me This?

I have a lot on my mind, nothing to do with it really.  Also, I have too much time on my hands, so why not pen some more nonsense?  I didn’t watch the State of the Union address; I find news to be quite boring.  What’s the point of listening or watching something so tragic all the time?  I would rather glean what’s happening from Sports Centre.  That I watch daily.  There’s nothing you can’t discover about the world from watching Sports Centre.  When there are major weather-related issues, I know about it, why, because Sports Centre will have all the re-scheduled or postponed games.

Sure, that may sound strange to most, but really, who needs downer news anyway?  No one, that’s what I say, might as well focus on what is positive, or could be construed as positive, like, cartoons, or video games, or what new movie is out.  I haven’t seen any really good ones lately.  I think the last one I saw was HP.   That was certainly a good addition, but it still did leave me wanting more, more than we’ll probably get from WB.  I think they realised too late that they had more than the bargained for.  If anything, they should re-release the series, animated or in comic book form. That would be masterful and profitable, which, let’s face it, is all WB is after anymore.  Those that went to Harry Potter world know what I mean, it was cool, but more money than it was worth, and much smaller than I’d anticipated.  I wonder why they didn’t allow Universal to re-create the actual school that would have been cool.

And that is all the rambling I can handle as I try to cope with snow and shovelling that is upcoming.  Circle gets the square.

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