Thursday, August 25, 2011

Napping Syndrome

Do you find yourself losing interest in things going on, say at work or even while watching the beloved TV?  Do you sit in meetings and find that when others starting droning on, that your mind begins to wander?  Have you sat down to watch one programme, and realise a different programme is on?  Have you not noticed when the weather suddenly changes or it goes from light to dark?  You may be like me, suffering from a very real napping syndrome.

Yes, perhaps I should not have a box perfectly placed under my desk, or have so many wonderful stuffed friends near where I watch TV, but I often find myself missing time or watching something I didn’t start out watching.  Even today I’ve watched a few episodes of News Channel 8 and am sure I have missed parts due to chronic napping.

If you suffer from these ailments, consult a professional immediately!  Napping syndrome can attack at any moment, and while the rest is nice, it can lead to hours of lost time.  Don’t be a victim of adorable plushies, act now, stop Napping syndrome before it gets you!

1 comment:

  1. I call it my duuurrrr moments. Staring at the computer screen, constantly refreshing email, fb, whatever. But not actually doing that much.