Sunday, May 27, 2012

Movie Review: Chernobyl Diaries

Most horror movies employ the same tactics and become tired and predictable, this is, sadly, no exception.  The idea of the movie is actually quite interesting, riding on the heels of such movies as Hostel; traveling Americans are taken to a remote site.  In Kiev, Ukraine, the group, and two others are taken to the city closest to Chernobyl.  As you might expect, the group become stranded and are then hunted by unknown entities.

The movie starts off like an Oren Peli movie, the home-movie concept in full force.  A guy, his girlfriend and their friend tour much of Europe, stopping in Kiev to visit the guy’s brother. The brother arranges a tour of the city nearest Chernobyl and they get separated and hunted.  The movie is great on suspense, at times I had my eyes covered.  But at each turn, as character after character was killed, there was nothing original to be seen.  Predictably the group dwindles one-by-one until there is one member left, who is then killed due to the overused ‘Communist’ or conspiracy card.  I wonder when, if ever, Russia will ever be able to shrug that off.

I had expected more bang for my buck, but I think the trailers were more interesting.  Overall, I was underwhelmed to say the least and have all but forgotten any reason I was scared at all.  Horror movies are not easy to make, but when the script is uninspiring and the story lacks any sort of draw, the movie feels stale.  I wouldn’t recommend seeing it, but judge for yourself.

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