Monday, June 4, 2012

Movie Review: Men in Black 3

On a whim, a friend and I decided we might as well see this movie, so that should set your expectations accurately for what I loosely describe as a review.  I’ve never been a huge Will Smith fan; have often found Tommy Lee Jones serious and also seriously hilarious.  But despite all that, Men in Black was decent, not great, but good.  To me, it was clear the movie was directed at children, not adults.  There were snapshots of seriousness, but for the most part, it was mired in childish jokes.

The first two Men in Black movies were so long ago, I shudder to try to recall them from my memories, but they were entertaining, though most of the best parts were in the trailers.  Not so with the second one, and less so for the third.  In the third movie, using a tried and true literary practice for science fiction movies, a former baddie goes back in time to kill K, Tommy Lee Jones’ character.  J, Will Smith, must go back in time to thwart him.  Much hilarity ensues.

What Men in Black lacks in a compelling story, makes up for with special effects and a few great moments for Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.  Both actors are superb in this sub-par movie, bringing the movie up a notch or two, making it enjoyable and just barely watchable.  If you want a mindless science fiction movie that is as forgettable as the $12 popcorn, this is your movie.

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