Saturday, November 3, 2012

Movie Review: Wreck It Ralph

Video gaming has been a part of our culture for decades.  The idea of what happens when the games are turned off is very similar to the premise of Toy Story; when the owner is away, the toys will play.  In a somewhat unoriginal vein, Wreck It Ralph follows the main antagonist of Felix Fix It game as he realises that everyone in his game hates him and he doesn’t like being disliked.  When the game hits its thirtieth anniversary, the situation becomes increasingly frustrating for Ralph and he leaves his game to obtain a medal to prove he isn’t a bad guy.

On his way to his medal, won in a first-person shooter style game, like Halo, Ralph obtains his medal, but accidentally shoots out of the hero game to a candy racing game.  In the candy racing game, he encounters Vanellope von Schweetz.  She spots his medal and takes it as her own, planning on using it to enter the race in her game.  Running off with the medal, Ralph is forced to chase her down and ends up embroiled in the situation in her racing game.  While Ralph has run out of his game, this forces Felix to find him and he meets Sergeant Calhoun, who is also after Ralph and an alien he may have assisted in leaving the hero game.

What transpires after this is hilarious and creates some very amusing sequences.  The most notable for me were the cameo’s from other games, like Cubert and Street Fighter.  Ralph was a likable villain, his desire to be accepted perfectly reasonable.  The story with Vanellope was also sweet, befriending each other, both outcasts and finding a common ground.  As kids movies go, this one was as good as Despicable Me, but not better.  I haven’t loved the Pixar movies of late, so I’d argue this is better.  The fact that I am a gamer does sway my opinion.

The cast was, unsurprisingly, amazing.  Everyone was believable and the voices matched the characters well.  I didn’t recognise everyone as I watched, but in some ways, that means I wasn’t distracted by it.  Without spoiling the ending completely, this was a very well told story and well worth watching.

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  1. I rather liked the movie. I wished there were more cameos and the cameos that were there should of done more. Over all, it was a thin story that wasn't too twisty, but I loved the characters. All very well made. Vanellope was soooo damn cute ^_^ omg. I loved her. It was fun, but I wouldn't go see it twice. Perhaps once it hits DVD.