Sunday, January 27, 2013

Movie Review: Mama

Horror movies are movies I love to watch.  Something about being scared, being pulled out of your comfort zone that make them interesting, having you face situations that you’d never face in normal life.  The story of Mama is startling from the beginning, setting the stage for something unpleasant to come after the striking opening salvo.  The scenes open with a small child in her little sister’s bedroom, the two girls three and one.  The father bursts in after having killed their mother and his business partners.  He runs off with them, hoping to hide in the wilderness.  Unfortunately, he choose a cabin that is not empty, but haunted. Once the kids are finally found, the brother adopts them and their protector comes along.

The best part about the movie, to me, was the way the main character, Jessica Chastain’s Annabelle transforms from the self-involved rocker to pseudo-mother to the two girls.  The two little girls are portrayed amazingly by Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nélisse.  The two little girls are fantastic as troubled and feral from being in the wild for five years.  The movie could have held some sway if the ending hadn’t been so preposterous.  Not the best horror movie I’ve seen, but certainly not the worst.  Probably worth a rental, not worth more than the $6 I paid for it, despite the spectacular acting.

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