Thursday, February 7, 2013

Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Zombie movies have been done and done to death in recent years, but in this new twist, the zombies aren’t just out to devour us, most of us anyway.  In this zombie movie, R, who no longer remembers his full name, narrates his life as a zombie, giving hilarious insights into things we probably all wonder about, like why zombies generally move in packs and how slow they are.  When finding some humans to eat, R sees this girl and is utterly dumbstruck.  He saves her from the other zombies and takes her to his hideout, which is an old plane.  He keeps her hidden there for some time but she ultimately has to go back home.  While they are together, he becomes less and less zombie-like and more human, being able to almost speak coherently.  The rest of the zombies become infected with this awakening and the story continues as you might expect.

The idea for this zombie movie is very cute, but the story could have made greater strides with a surprisingly gifted cast.  There was a lot of potential, more awkward scenes of the zombie becoming human-like, but in the end, they focused on the love story for the most part.  For a romantic comedy with a zombie twist, the movie was quite entertaining, but forgettable once I got home.  Certainly worth seeing, but at what price, I couldn't say.

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