Monday, May 19, 2014

A Tech Thriller that might be Too Technical for Most Readers

I don’t usually take a lot of stock in book recommendations, but in this case the source, my company Help Desk, I thought twice about it.  Daemon is based on a lot of technical jargon and it took me a good 100 pages to really get into it before I was curious as to what the deuce was going on.  In most cases, I will force myself to finish a book, but this one wasn’t as time-consuming as it could have been.

There are quite a few characters and stories that are interjected throughout the novel.  The story begins with a double-murder and the suspect of the murder has been dead for some time.  It almost plays out like an episode of Monk, but the plethora of characters makes the story chaotic and confusing at times.  There are many areas where less would or could have been more.  The culmination of the story as it progresses keeps the reader engaged and interested, despite some confusing areas.

What slowed my progress the most was the highly technical nature of the novel.  As an IT person by day, I’d like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable, but Mr. Suarez went into such detail that it felt weighed down.  I am sure those details were important, but as many of you may know, when I get overloaded, I tend to start skimming, and once the skimming starts, it is hard to stop.  I think I may have missed entire sections of the novel because of it.  What struck me more was if I, an IT-type person, could get dissuaded by this, then the common non-IT reader would probably not be able to follow it.  And this is not to mention that the technology has changed in the years that the book has been published.

Overall, suspending a good bit of reality, this book is well worth reading and a lot of fun.  It may not ever get turned into a trashy Hollywood movie, but it is fun and makes you think just a little about how reliant we all are on technology.

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