Friday, May 23, 2014

Movie Review: Godzilla

Monster movies of this ilk are plentiful.  Good ones are much harder to find.  In this latest iteration of Godzilla, we follow the lives of a nuclear reactor worker and his family and tragedy ensues.  The movie jumps in time from the past to fifteen years later and the father and son are left after the mother dies.  The father is convinced there wasn’t just an accident, but that something more sinister occurred and the government is hiding something, as is often the case in these sorts of movies.

There isn’t too much to give away on the plot of this movie.  The focus should be on the monsters and not on the humans.  Some of the ‘stars’ of the movie die within the first half hour and the rest of the cast is not compelling at all.  In a way, I joked with my cousin that if the movie had been silent with just a score, it would have been simple to follow.  The visuals are impressive, the story is interesting enough to keep you engaged, but it won’t change your life or remake the way you look at Godzilla movies.  The movie also gave me a very ‘Jurassic Park’ vibe to it throughout, which was one of the redeeming qualities of the movie.  I do wonder if it would have been better seen in 3D.

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