Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How I Met Your Charmander

I had a rare treat this past weekend, getting to travel with a stuffed charmander - a gift for my 2-month old niece!  Apparently there was some confusion on the plane, but I digress.  I bought the charmander on e-bay for her, and was surprised that I had a bidding war going on with someone (so I'm not the only one crazy about bidding on charmanders).

I didn't buy him his own seat, but as circumstance would have it, there was an empty seat between me and an elderly gentleman sitting next to me.  You should always be sure to keep your charmander in an upright position, securing him using a safety belt across his lap.

I was able to safely secure him in his seat.
He didn't fuss once, but sat quietly in his chair enjoying the flight.  Once we got close to landing, I wondered what a charmander would look like hanging out of an over-head bin.  This is not a safe location for charmanders.

I'm still surprised no one on the plane really said anything to me about this.
The air host did comment that apparently the flight crew was commenting that there was an 'animal' in 9B - I was sitting in 9C.  I also appreciated that the guy next to me never really minded that he was sharing a row with the orange guy.

Once I got to my destination, the Crowne Plaza in Glendale, AZ, I thought he might be tired after a long trip.

I was also giving my niece her own Cookie Monster, everyone needs one of those too.  Once we got the rental car, again we made sure to secure the charmander in the vehicle, especially while driving with the top down.

Thanks goodness for safety belts!!
Once we finally got to my sister's place, charmander had to have a look around at his new surroundings.

Charmander saw my niece in this, but soon realised he wouldn't fit...

Charmander is, right now, just a little too big for my niece's things, but she should grow into having her very own charmander.  So, lesson learned here, make sure your charmander has enough room to sit comfortably in an aeroplane and convertible car, but also make sure he understands that all things for babies aren't for him too.


  1. oh my goodness, this is hilarious!

  2. Charm said, "If Flat Stanley can do it, then so can I!" Didn't he?