Friday, March 4, 2011

Let Saner Heads Prevail

As an avid sports fan, I have to say I'm both happy and sad to see the NFL decide to prolong their discussion for another week.  While I am sad that it has come to this, by the same token, with so much money at stake and the economy down the tubes, it isn't any wonder that this is coming to a head.  But is this really the answer?  Will the right thing be done?

The main issue here is a lack of communication and lack of compromising.  I wonder if a small child wouldn't make more headway than the owners and players have over the course of these discussions.  I think that this is a classic situation where a rock meets a hard place.  The issues that are really hobbling the discussions involve money (of course), extending the season and benefits after you're done playing.  While I can certainly appreciate that the onus is on the players for making better decisions, I think there still has to be something said about the ownes using, abusing and throwing players away.

Do I think the players are paid more than they should be?  Yes, of course, who wouldn't.  But by that same token, would you want a super star in your world be making the same amount you would?  No.  The reason most people idolise players and movie stars is because they make cuckoo money (as my father would put it) and live excessively.  And some would argue that the young players are coached and counseled, but let's be honest, they're all having Lindsay Lohan like moments, and who wouldn't.

I think the real issue here is how the young players are brought up and how they view reality.  A great example of that is the much-hated (by me) Tiger Woods.  I mean, yes, he can play, but what makes him a better person or human being than anyone else?  We've no learned its next to nothing.  He's an awful example of a human being, but is it entirely his fault.  Sadly, I have to say now.  He was brought up in a world where he was elevated over everyone else and told he was better.  Sure, we're all 'special' in our own way, but do your parents tell you that you're God's gift to golf?  I imagine not, so if that's in your head all your life, can you really be blamed for thinking you're above it all?
I'm not absolving people of guilt, but what would make this world a better place is people not exploiting each other, but helping each other.  In this instance, the owners are the ones that have the knowledge, the players have the skills.  You can't have a league, of any sort, if you don't have players.  If the players wanted, they could go the SouthWest route and buy a stadium and host scrimmages - I bet people would show up and watch.  If you don't like how the system works, either change it within it or go outside of it.

In this instance, both sides are neither right nor wrong, but what is wrong is to not recognise that no matter what, in this economy, it is in poor taste for either side to lament a billion dollars her or there when others can hardly pay to live these days.  I think they both need to stop being greedy.  How about a donation to someone that needs it.  A billion dollars could do wonders with cancer or AIDS research. How about they shut their pie holes and get over themselves

This lockout, if it happens, will be a testament to all the things that are wrong with capitalism.  People need to remember their passion for why they do what they do and stop bilking people for every dime they have.  Maybe the NFL and NFLPA should agree to play for nothing for a year and see how it feels and then stop complaining.

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