Thursday, March 24, 2011

To the Bitter End

All things must come to an end.  There was an incident at home and the cup I've been using for years, has seen its best days.

makes me think of this song from the Dixie Chicks, feel free to play while reading, but the volume is kinda low on it...

My mom knocked the cup into something, and now it's done for - final pics taken...

I've had this cup before I started my Masters in 2003.

I've had this cup through four different jobs.

I've had this cup when we moved from the house I grew up in to our new house.  I've had this cup for ages.

I've had old bluie for about 7 or 8 years...since before I left NAPA (the National Academy of Public Administration) which was in 2005.  I started there in it's been years.  This was from an old conference they had, some Performance Conference, they stopped having them after a couple years due to the economy.

But isn't it funny how you get so attached to something.  I mean, I have an old umbrella, also blue, that I adored and it broke.  Now my cup is down for the count too.  Thankfully I have another one in black, *phew*, crisis averted...


  1. first of all, I knew you would call it something "bluey" second - its not that bad, you can definitely still keep it, maybe to store pens in or something.

  2. and you call me a pack rat! It had seen its best days ;)