Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Movie Review: The Heat

I was lucky enough to catch a deal and see this one early courtesy of Gofobo.  At the Regal not far from my house, they were showing a special screening of the movie.  A friend and I knew we wanted to see it anyway, so jumped on the chance to see it both early and free.  I was not disappointed.

The story is pretty transparent from the trailers, but what you don’t see is how well Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy work together throughout the picture.  The story follows an FBI agent (Bullock) who is angling for a promotion and needs to work with a local Boston Detective (McCarthy).  The concept of good cop/bad cop gets tilted slightly as Bullock’s character is forced to work with McCarthy’s character to find a drug dealer.  There is more to the story, things that make both characters more sympathetic, but may ruin the surprise of it.

I’m not a huge fan of comedies.  I find them a tad hollow when you get to the end.  I can honestly say I spent the majority of the movie laughing and didn’t really pay more attention to the drama rather than the comedy.  This was one of those rare cases where I found myself enjoying both the serious and not so serious portions of the movie in equal measure and the deliveries between the two actresses was impressive, as expected.  Well worth seeing this movie, even at a full evening price, perhaps.  At less than two hours, it didn’t drag on either.

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