Saturday, June 22, 2013

Movie Review: World War Z

Zombie movies are a must-see for me.  I’ve seen the whole gamut, from Resident Evil to Dawn of the Dead to 28 Days Later.  The recipe is often the same.  An outbreak occurs, the entire world is compromised, only one person in all the world can save us.  Call me a feminist, but I often enjoyed Alice’s over-amped romps through Racoon City and the like.  After playing Resident Evil 6 and watching the latest RE movie, I think I’ve had my fill.  Enough history, though, I don’t want you to think I’m a complete nerd, too late, no?

In this movie, based off of a book, Jerry is taking his family on a trip and as they drive through Philadelphia, everything falls apart.  Jerry is a former operative with the UN and when this go south, he jumps into action, finding a way to get his family out of the city and into a vehicle after they total theirs.  The family manages to make it to an abandoned apartment complex that isn’t all that abandoned.  Another family is holed up there and takes them in, refusing to go with them once Jerry arranges to be picked up by his former boss.  Once in safety, Jerry is told he can either help them or his family will be sent back out into the world.  With no other choice, he’s asked to find out where the disease started and help find a cure.

Without giving away the real twist in the movie, World War Z is a suspenseful drama.  Brad Pitt plays the familiar role of concerned parent and overly competent operative, knowing what to do in any and all situations, willing to risk everything for the truth, the perfect stand-up kind of guy.  While the idea is so overdone, Pitt manages to make Jerry seem both human and super-human all at once.  The story sucks in you from the very beginning, painting the picture of a perfect life, watching as it is snatched away and then watching as someone fights unmatched odds to find a way out of a terrible situation.  What made this movie so compelling was Pitt’s pitch perfect performance throughout.  The supporting cast was just that, no one taking away from the central figure. In that, this movie goes from your garden variety movie to one that is actually worth seeing.

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