Friday, February 4, 2011

Across the River

I consider myself an avid traveller, but of late, the idea of flying makes me uninterested.  I don’t think I suffer from depression, but I just can’t force myself to think about making flight plans, getting assaulted by security or taking travel sizes of things only to other places.

It isn’t like I have never had a good time travelling.  The last real trip I took was a vacation to Florida to Harry Potter World.  While it was cool, the relaxing part of the vacation was great.  I sat next to the pool, read a book and didn’t worry about things.  Of course, I brought my work laptop, at the time, and did work when I got bored.

I think I have a disconnect issue.  I used to with my old job.  Since I’ve changed jobs, I try not to think about work after hours.  I don’t feel the compulsion or feel and desire to give back.  But this post isn’t about my new job, though I could drone on about it for hours.

No, this is about travel.  Have I become one of ‘those’ people?  Have I become afraid to fly?  Afraid to leave the US of A?  I hope not!  I remember going to all sorts of cool places as a kid, most notably India and Russia, but the most fun was London, which is still a great spot.  I have fond memories of Prague as well, bitter cold, but a great landscape and history.  Travelling truly should be the life-blood of all.  Children should be brought up to want to go places and do things.  Not just go visit some random mouse in Orlando.

There are such amazing things to see and do out there.  I know my next trip, most likely, will be to Arizona to see my sister, but I should really aim to make a trip, once a year, to someplace.  I know I love to video game; good Lord I could do that for an extended period of time.  But I think it’s important to disconnect, from everything.  Just take a moment, step back, and assess life, assess if I’m any closer to my goals, as yet undetermined.  Maybe that’s not entirely true, but I know I do want to have the most toys in the end.

I haven’t been abroad in a good long time; maybe I can plan a trip to see a friend in the Middle East.  I wonder if my passport is still valid.  I think for another couple years.  Wow, that was a lot of pointless rambling…but that is the title of the blog.

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