Monday, February 14, 2011

Is it time yet? I think I hear the fat lady singing...

Yet again we see Tiger in the news and not in a good light either.  Haven’t we really had enough?  I mean, how many times does it take to learn the same lesson?  I think arrogance and stupidity go hand-and-hand here and he is the prime example of this.

In most sporting arenas, spitting on the floor is okay if you’re outdoors or on ice.  But there is supposed to be something dignified about golf, something refined.  Not only does Tiger bring in his laundry list of illicit lovers last year, but now he’s spitting like this is a football field.  Then he offers a meaningless apology via twitter.

This all leads back to my belief about class.  Modern players, for the most part, are classless.  They’re sore losers and proud of it.  The best example if that is LeBron James, whom I respect as a player, and Peyton Manning, who I love to hate.  Both have a tendency, after big losses to hang their heads in shame and shuffle off the field.  This isn’t acceptable.  Man up!  What kind of example are you showing kids that are growing up and idolizing you?  That it is okay to be a bad sport?  Isn’t there a great commercial out there about sportsmanship?  Maybe someone should show this to these so-called superstars.

It is one thing to be a talented person, but to be a great person, you need to have class and act responsibly.  In both my cases, James and Manning, they are better than most with off-field actions, but Tiger’s issues surpass anything anyone could do.

Isn’t it time, America, to say enough is enough?  Let us all move on with our lives.  Golf is pretty bloody boring, maybe it is time we throw the whole sport out the window and call it a day.  If the acceptance and continued fraternization with Tiger is any indication, Golf doesn’t hold themselves to a higher standard, so it is incumbent upon us to be unaffected by his actions.

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