Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Turn that Frown Upside-Down

When I get down, my usual upswing is to spend money.  I have to get something tangible, like season tickets to a local team, which I’ve done twice now, or find something online I think I need.  Lately, and looking over my financials, I’ve realised this isn’t the appropriate way to go.

I spend a lot of time thinking about gaming, thank you Gamespot.  I’ve gone so far as to create an account and update the blog related to it on a regular basis.  Blogging can also be addicting, in case you didn’t know.  But video games are really starting to become my escape from the world.  The only downside is I have too many scary games in the queue and can’t play those at night, I get scared.

I do get a thrill when I make money.  I spend a good amount of time on ebay and have been selling things decently.  With my newly acquired Washington Nationals tickets, I anticipate some solid sales.  They had a buy two get two free deal for tickets, so I got four seats for the price of two.  Moving them could be an issue, but I think I’ve worked out a solid price structure: $45 for two, or $80 for four.  This way I am more likely to sell the four seats together, since it’s less money.  The other key to these seats is that they are a lot less expensive than the Washington Capitals tickets I have.  The retail on those is close to $350 for the pair, granted, they are VIP seats, but still.

This is the sort of thing that excites me.  I have work, real work, that I could be doing, but I find myself wholly uninterested.  I may have started off on the wrong foot here, but I need to right the ship, sooner rather than later.  I continue that expedition on another blog.

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