Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crazy Conservatives

I’ll start this off my assuring everyone I did not splurge on anything.  But I think I controlled myself since I know there are credit card bills coming. 

I am an avid gamer, as some of you may know, and read this article on Gamespot.  It talks about a video game that Fox new is slamming.  Oh yes, the always even-keeled and open-minded Fox news.  What a joke.  These people make stuff up and you can see some really creative editing in the article.  Though, as someone else pointed out, by clicking the link, you’re doing exactly what Fox news wants you to, generate traffic to their site, so do try to refrain from digging further, if you can.

Basically, Fox says that the game could be permanently harmful to children if they play it.  Well, guess what, there’s this thing called parents and maybe they should tell their children not to play it, if it’s so bad.  Or maybe the retailers should do some control.  When I go to Best Buy or Toys R Us, I always get carded.  And despite what I might think, I am sure I look like I’m well over eighteen.

This is such garbage.  If you don’t want kids to be exposed to something, they there needs to be a control for that.  The answer is not always censorship.  Gamespot goes so far as to prove, with statistics, that the claims made by the article are utterly untrue.  I’d argue that there is a negligible connexion between violence in video games and actual violence.  I’d argue that parents do more damage when they act badly in front of a child than when they see it on something else.  I think it is a far reach to say using a bad word and then doing something awful are at all linked.  It is completely ludicrous.

When I was a kid, I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Did I run around wearing a bandana and fighting crime?  No, not so much.  I did take karate classes and learn the art, a bit, but I didn’t go off the deep end.  Why?  Because my parents had controls in place, since I was a kid, that it would not be tolerated.

I think all these conservative types need to get with it and open their minds instead of their mouths.  Get of your @$$ and do some parenting.  Yes, there shouldn’t be any need to play games like the one described, but it is a person’s God given right to play/buy it and who are any of us to put controls on other’s rights.  Man, I wish I’d read this before doing my blog post over at Gamespot today…ah well, maybe tomorrow.

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