Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double Movie Review

I had a busy weekend at the movie theatre, and am always happy to share my take on movies.

There is a reason this movie is being advertised the way it is, as in, all flash and no substance, and that is about right. I have to give due credit, it was a fun movie, but I think I saw what was coming pretty early on. Brandon Routh was hot stuff, the side-kick was fun too, but the rest of the cast was just meh. Taye Diggs is always easy on the eyes, but it is the same tired role for him.

without a heavy spoiler, here's your one-sentence synopsis - Van Helsing modernised with a very small twist, but same outcome.

Basically, Dylan used to be a monster hunter, gave it up after his girl got killed, gets pulled back in by a case. Friend gets killed and becomes undead partner, girl begs him for help. He helps, she ends up betraying them and unleashing some beastie, they kill it, she gets killed, he goes back to his old life.

It was fun, the effects were kinda crazy. For $6, it was kinda okay, but I think I shouldn't have been so keen to see something quite so pointless. I'd give it half a charmander thumb up.

Although there wasn't anything really new here, it was still a great ride that kept you guessing. The main characters are true to form, adding all the main stars from the previous movie made it that much better. The Rock was also a great addition and the ending was what you'd hope for from the movie. I'd say there aren't any spoilers to give away, but it was fantastic.

The basic premise is Paul Walker is with Jordanna Brewster and they bust Vin Diesel out of jail and then go on the run. They all end up in Rio, which is beautiful and decide to steal from a drug lord in the city. The Rock goes after them and spends most of the movie one step behind them.

The movie delivers what it promises and it is worth seeing. Surprisingly, the theatre was pretty empty. I'd say, of the two movies I saw, this would be the one to see. Plus, we all know I love fast cars ;)
I suppose I should pretend to be interested in work, but that comes and goes.

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