Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vacation Reflection

I think I have too many places I’m placing my thoughts, it is getting harder to keep the topics separate.  But I know I should shout out to my recent vacation.  I flew down to FL to spend some time with the fam.  I feel like I learned a lot about some of those members, as you often do when things go into crisis mode for one person.  And I am a firm believer, that when things get difficult, true character is revealed, and I was able to witness and learn from it, which is really all I can take away right now.

I went back to Harry Potter World, but also went to the main Universal, thus getting my money’s worth from the annual pass.  It comes with free parking, so I’m on the fence about getting another one next year.  It was nice to just float from one park to the next.  I also got to meet the Penguins of Madagascar (I know, they’re not really real, but let me imagine) and I changed my profile pic on FB to reflect that, but still kept the Caps love with my Mike Green t-shirt.

I told Alex to get out of the picture, you should have seen the look on his face!

We also attended a rather extravagant wedding for a close family friend.  She did an amazing job and since it was a destination wedding, took care of a lot of the days that normally one would fend for on his/her own.  The time between events was filled, for us, mostly of driving too and from the time-share, which wasn’t quite in the city the wedding was in.

I have to say, I looked decent, but not great – I didn’t end up finding a hair salon, but since the events were all outside, the wind did murder on my hair anyway.

I spent some of the down time reading and playing games.  My 13-year old cousin let me boggart his XBOX360 for a couple days and I OD’d on the Gears of War 3 Beta.  I’d never played the game before, so it was a steep learning curve.  I also brought my PSP and played Metal Gear Solid PeaceWalker for the first time in almost a year.  That game is surprisingly fun and difficult.

More of note were the two books I read.  Whooper Goldberg’s dreadful ‘Is It Just Me? – which the answer is no, but don’t tell us about it and ‘Thirteen Reasons’ by Jay Asher.  The latter was really well done, though if you’re the depressed type, I wouldn’t read it.  The story follows a character who receives a series of tapes from a classmate who committed suicide.  A dark piece of content, but the nature of delivery really had me intrigued.  The author had the characters following a map and listening to the tapes.  It really peaked my interest in the sense that this would be an amazing interactive experience.  I’ll let the thought bubbles keep germinating on that one.  It isn’t a new idea, but it is doable in this day and age.

No time for anything more, but enjoy the day!

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  1. uh-oh, I'm sensing you are upset that someone was busy the whole time apartment hunting instead of spending it with us. I thought the trip was great. I had a blast!