Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Green Lantern Review

I’ve been reading comic books for too long, though I’ve since stopped due to other addictions, like video games.  Green Lantern was not one of the comics I regularly read.  I was more of an X-men fan.  But as I grew older, I started reading more and more DC comics, like Batman, Nightwing, Flash and even Green Lantern.  The issues I read had Kyle Rayner as the Lantern, not the current Hal Jordan that we see in this movie.

The premise is simple enough.  The guy has been irresponsible his whole life, and all of a sudden, something very important is entrusted to him.  He fights having to be responsible until he has no other choice because something important to him is being threatened.

I hate to agree with the haters, but this movie was unnecessarily shallow.  Ryan Reynolds can do more than just be Ryan Reynolds, but you wouldn’t know it from this movie.  Blake Lively was one-dimensional and the overall story had little heart or drive to it.  After reading the comics, I watch this movie in only mild amusement.  At least I can say I remember the snacks I ate better than the movie I watched.

The effects are worth seeing, but not for more than $6.  It wasn’t a great movie and it is sad, to once again, see a wonderful comic book legacy muffled and inaccurate thanks to big box studios trying to bilk a dime out of the fan base.  I’d rather have a B-level Indie movie and be true to the story than the tripe I was treated to.  I gave it 3/5 stars overall because it was decent, but if you’re a fan of comics or the actual Green Lantern, you should take a doggie bag.


  1. I love your ode to Cool Whip. I am assuming that the chocolate cake you are referring to is the one she made a week ago. Of course it will be dry! And thank you for the shout out though I don't remember that scene with Luna and Harry in book seven???

  2. So it seems like a good movie for just eye candy once it hits the cable channels. Pretty much jives with what the local entertainment people said. Everyone seems united in that Blake Lively can't act.

  3. yes, it was Mom's cake...that could explain why it was so dry...

    LOL I didn't know that about her, thanks for the heads up, Sarah ;)