Friday, June 17, 2011

Ode to Cool Whip

I was having cake yesterday, after I went to the gym, so it cancels out, and I thought to myself: Cool Whip is the best topping for desserts ever.  I can think of so many desserts that Cool Whip is great on. 
Mom made chocolate cake over the weekend, and as I rummaged through the fridge looking for something else, I saw a few containers, only one of which had Cool Whip in it. We use those, and many other containers for leftovers instead of buying actual Tupperware for them.  We’re Indian, it is what we do.  As soon as I saw it, and without the sometime frequent, less savoury green friends inside, I was relieved.  Now the dry cake mom made can be almost moist again.

I love Cool Whip on Pumpkin Pie.  Warm up the pie in the microwave for just a few seconds and it is sweet goodness with the melted Cool Whip on top.

Cherry pie, another fantastic pie that is better with Cool Whip, though I’d argue that Apple pie is only slightly better than Cherry with respect to Cool Whip.

And don’t think the fat free one is the same, because sadly it is not.  But given my desire to watch my waist, on occasion, I have to partake in the less tasty, less fattening version.  Ah Cool Whip, what can’t you do?

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  1. My arguement is it can't taste good =P I hate the taste of cool whip, but a lot of people like it. But pie does taste better with some kind of whipped topping, which ever you like. Or ice cream =)