Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harry Potter Top Ten List Part 3

Number eight, number eight – thanks to my hockey affiliation, I always associate eight with Alexander Ovechkin.  One day, his time will come and he will be great, just not yet.

The following are my most favourite and least favourite character, but we’re at eight out of ten.  You can reference the rest of the list using the tags at the bottom for ‘harry potter.’  This list is really composed of two baddies.

# 8 Least Favourite Character: Dolores Jane Umbridge

When I think of Order of the Phoenix, this is the character that jumps to the forefront of my mind.  In the most simplest way, Dolores Umbridge represents everything that is wrong in the Harry Potter universe.  While we can all agree that Voldemort is evil, Umbridge brings her sick, demented view of order into the picture and holds nothing back.  Her unmitigated dedication to ‘the system,’ even when she clearly knows it isn’t right is fascinating.  Her ambition to advance her own agenda is really that out of horror movie.

The woman’s crazy!  And it plays so well, both on screen and in the books.  I can’t ever forgive her for torturing all those kids and her evil is an evil that most of us can see in the real world.  Working with people who are just mean and hateful for the sake of being mean and hateful; and that is who this woman is, without a doubt.  I could argue that I love to hate her, but I don’t, I just plain hate her.

# 8 Favourite Character: Bellatrix Lestrange

You might be saying to yourself, Bellatrix?  But Hina, she tortured one of your favourite characters (Hermione) and kills Dobby.  And while that is all true, this is one character I do love to hate.  Yes, she’s also not riding the banana boat of sanity, but by that same token, she is dedicated to Voldemort, and nothing else.  It isn’t about getting promoted or getting revenge, she’s a loyal subject.  And who doesn’t want to have someone in their midst who is that loyal?  I mean, yes, she takes it a mile too far, but she’s great for proving that loyalty does get you something, it gets you busted out of prison, in Order of the Phoenix, and for three whole years, she’s jail-free.

And without Bellatrix, we wouldn’t have the wonderfully conflicted Draco trying to kill Dumbledore with Snape saving him in the end.  We wouldn’t have the sweet, but I find grotesque scene, of Ron trying to save Hermione.  I hate Ron.  We wouldn’t have the iconic scene I can’t wait to see on screen between Molly and Bellatrix.  It will be epic.  You can’t make a novel without someone like this and Bellatrix is just great at being evil.  I love reading the passages with her referenced, she’s as mad as a hatter.

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