Friday, April 1, 2011

America's Past-time

I had a very lucky experience yesterday, and actually this past fall, but let's not go back in time.  I had the luck of attending Opening Day at Nationals Park where the Washington Nationals took on the Atlanta Braves.  I'm giving the Nats more credit than they probably deserve, they're not a very good team, but they do try.

It was quite cold outside, and the game is outdoors, there was a steady mist/drizzle and despite the weather and poor play, I had a really wonderful time.  I get it, what makes baseball a past-time for America.  It isn't about the game, or the players, it's about bringing people together, cheering for a common cause - it's what makes sports such a great equalizer. 

I love hockey, as you should know if you're reading this, but there is something about baseball, a commonality, that everyone, no matter their origin or even preference, can understand.  Its kinda like math: everyone understands it, it is a common language, and so baseball is a common interest.

There is nothing like sitting at the ballpark with good friends and just enjoying a game.  Pure Americana.

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  1. Well said! I hope to enjoy another game with you in better weather!