Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sports Revue

I have to get this in at least once a week, so you can tune out here if you like.  My hockey prediction are going down the toilet, thank you Vancouver and Montreal!  The Caps dropped one game, so I could still be right there, but it looks like Montreal will be taking their series against Boston, despite a loss last night.  The Red Wings look to sweep the Coyotes, not sure what happened in that series, but I did guess that one.  The Penguins are showing more fight than I’d expected, but I still give the edge to a hungry Lightning team that has everything to prove.  I’m not 100% on the Sabres over the Flyers right now.  They let an ‘easy’ home game get away from them last night.  I’m not sure what is going on with the Sharks; they are letting the Kings have their way in that series.  And finally Anaheim is gifting their series to Nashville, who, if I’m not mistaken, is looking for their first playoff series victory.

In rather surprising but enjoyable news, both the Lakers and the Spurs lost their first games of their series.  I argue that the Spurs are too old to contend and I think the Lakers have looked tired all season.  I think it’ll be a surprise who gets in on the Western Conference, but expect the Heat to advance in the Eastern Conference.

The NFL released the schedule this fall, which is a complete farce.  I’m starting to wonder if this whole lockout is just something to contrive attention from the media so no one is paying attention to basketball, baseball or hockey.  If I weren’t so addicted, I’d cancel my NFL ticket right now…but I can be all talk and no saddle sometimes.  It happens.

I probably should give this more credence, but I saw Scream 4 this weekend, very amusing and very watch-able – even I wasn’t terrified!  Not a small feat for me.  In other news…do I have other news?  Not so much, but I might have some more thoughtful blogging as the week goes on, we’ll see.  Stay classy, gang.

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