Thursday, April 7, 2011

News - Who Knew I Watched?

With an already troubled economy, I find myself scratching my head at what I’m watching on the news.  As an avid sports fan, I have already seen one major money-maker go down (see the NFL) and we may have another one on the rise (see the NBA).  But to add insult to injury, and I’m not one to watch the news really, I notice that we are counting down to one day before the Federal Government might shut down.  How is this even possible?  I won’t bore you with details you won’t read, but it does really defy logic, doesn’t it?

Looking at an article on CNN that pretty much sums it up, I’m once again fascinated by the lack of people’s ability to communicate or compromise.

I realise that in many ways, I often do not compromise, I see it as losing, and that right there really says a lot about things.  Right now, I am sure, one way or another, people feel like they’re losing.  When you compromise, you are giving something up.  But you should be giving something up to get something.  In this scenario, if the House had compromised, they would have done something and at least been definitive on the things Obama gave them instead of sitting on them.

It is hard to give power up once you have it over someone/something, so I understand how things continued to go downhill, but how can we be looking at a work stoppage, realistically?

As someone who hasn’t quite gotten their taxes in, does this mean I have more or less time to get that done?  But think of all the services that will be suspended in the meantime.  On one screen-shot, CNN seemed to be alluding to the Armed Services won’t get paid.  Now, whether you’re for or against the war, having people with equipment that could kill me not having their money, seems like that’s destined to fail, or could turn into a situation that we, as a Nation, are trying to prevent.

I can’t tell how this is any different than a bunch of squabbling kids over something trivial, though in this case, it is anything but trivial.  Just like the NFL and impending NBA lockouts, do the people who are blocking these things not realise the effect of their actions?  That seems unlikely.  In the NFL, the players are saying they’re fighting for what they think is right, but what is really going on?  Truthfully, I think this is a sign of greed and pride.

All the people involved in both situations are prideful, thinking so much of themselves; they don’t see the forest for the trees, if that is the right phrase.  Additionally, the workers in Congress will continue to get paid, regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s deadline.  So what motivation do they have?  Their status (pride) lifts them above all the others in the world and they show no concern for their fellow man.  It really is maddening.  And since they will continue to get paid, there’s no worry about losing their source of income.

I’m both fascinated and ashamed of what’s going on.  But is anyone honestly surprised?  I can’t say that I am, and that’s what makes it so much worse.  For some reason, I keep thinking of a scene from Star Wars, where Padme begs Anakin to speak to the chancellor (before he becomes the emperor) and ask him to let diplomacy take centre stage, but given the current circumstances, perhaps a fight might be the right way to go.


  1. ha-ha - so you like Miley Cyrus music, the secret is out!!! No longer can you tease me about my poor music choices!! I don't even want to hear it - lol.

    wow your watching the news? u must be seriously bored.

  2. hence the title confession :p I will continue to tease you, it is me right as your sister.

    this is fascinating! These people are total jerks letting this get so out of control, it is like watching the NFL and their nonsense!