Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Confession #1

I have to make a confession, like many things I don’t want people to know about me because it makes me seem silly, but I really like Miley Cyrus songs – I don’t care that her dad is sketch/skeezy or that she’s almost bordering on white trash sometimes, I really like ‘em!  The Party in the USA song always makes me smile and the Climb I can’t sing along with (if you know me well, you should know why ;))  but this brought a smile to my face as I came into work today, totally changed my mood from half-awake to happy J

for your viewing pleasure, both videos :)

I really find music affecting, its why I stopped listening to Metallica at one point last year and only listened to Glee Soundtracks.  If you have something more positive around you, it can be affecting and infectious.  Maybe this'll help someone else have a good day too.

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